Title 24 HERS Rater Duct Test and CF-1R CF-2R CF-3R forms
State Certified HERS Raters
HERS TEST - Duct leak testing
    Photo Gallery    A picture is worth a thousand words or 307,200 pixels.

In addition to HERS Duct Testing we do Home & Commercial Infrared Inspections.

Applications for using NON DESTRUCTIVE Infrared:

  • Moisture intrusion. Possible mold problems.
  • Insulation verification. Improperly installed or missing.
  • Identify heating and cooling loss due to poor construction.
  • Flat roof inspections.
  • Poor electrical connections.
  • Electrical panel problems.
  • Worn mechanical parts.

Our high definition thermal imaging camera has a 640x480 detector, which delivers 307,200 pixels versus 76,800 in a thermal imager with a 320x240 detector.  Thatís 4 times better resolution which provides you a higher quality and accurate report.

Infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or "heat" radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement. Why tear open your walls unless there is something wrong.
Home Inspections
using Thermal Imagery

Insulation in the attic is not making contact with ceiling. Also insulation in wall has fallen down in the upper corner.

No visible signs of a problem.
See image below.
Why guess when you can see.

Thermal Image shows roof is leaking.
Verified with a moisture meter.

Commercial Inspections
Thermal Imagery

A Flat roof scan can identify problems and save thousands.
The yellow is water trapped in the roof membrane.

Missing Insulation

A customer had this wall shot with insulation. Notice they drilled the holes above the block in the wall and missed the lower wall in several sections.

This customer had the wall opened for 15' looking for moisture. They used a moisture meter which detected the wire mesh in the wall as moisture. My Infrared camera did not detect any moisture and since the wall was open I used my moisture meter on the exposed wood and did not detect any moisture.

Crushed Asbestos
Not good.
Insulation in the attic is not making contact with ceiling. Also insulation in wall has fallen down in the upper corner.
Infrared photo - Before and after photos
Thermal Image shows roof is leaking.
Infrared photo - Leaking roof
Infrared photo - missing insulation
Infrared photo - possible water leak
Asbestos ducting
Ventura - Los Angeles - San Bernardino and Orange County  Office (805) 551-1050
Our Infrared camera has 307,200 pixels and a temperature is stored in each pixel.
Residential Infrared inspections.
1 room   $75.00    2 room minimum.
3 rooms $200.00
4 rooms $250.00
8 rooms $448.00

Call 805 582-0750 for a home inspection.
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