HERS duct testing
duct testing duct testing
HERS duct testing
duct testing duct testing
Title 24 HERS Rater Duct Test and CF-1R CF-2R CF-3R forms
State Certified HERS Raters
HERS TEST - Duct leak testing
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HERS Rater HERS Testing - Duct Testing - Air Balancing
                Refrigerant Charge - QII Quality Insulation Installation
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We have been doing Title 24 HERS Rater duct testing certifications since the California Energy Commission made it mandatory in 2005.

We provide HERS Testing - Duct Testing service to A/C Contractors, Builders, and Homeowners in the following counties: Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County. If you live outside this area contact us and we will help you find a HERS Rater to do a HERS test or Duct Testing in your area.

We can provide you with a State Certified Title 24 HERS Rater Duct Test and the Refrigerant Charge Measurement along with all the necessary forms. Including the CF-1R, CF-2R and CF-3R forms which are required by both the City and County Inspectors when the HERS duct test is performed.

HERS Raters are certified by the California Energy Commission as special inspectors for performing HERS Ratings. HERS testing, HERS certification, HERS verification, Duct testing,  or a third party HERS Rater HERS testing - Duct test.

WHAT IS CHANGING FROM 2016 TO 2019 Standards
The 2019 standards will be implemented statewide on January 1, 2020

NEW Duct Test Chart of required tests PDF Download
Climate Zone 1-10, 12, 13 New Duct R-Value R6
Climate Zone 11, 14, 16 New Duct R-Value R8

QII Handbook - Install your insulation the correct way PDF Download
Sealing Top Plates

Contractors or homeowners register State Registry
Register your HVAC changeout
PRINT a CF-1R form for the City or County   you will need to register
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