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Get control over your electric bill! Ever wonder where all that electricity goes? Wonder how much that computer costs to run?

I've heard just knowing where your spending the most will save you 5% on your electric bill. 5% of a $200 electric bill is $10 a month or $120 a year.

First of all let's clear up a myth that leaving it on will use less electricity than turning it off when your not using it. When it is off it is not using any electricity. When it is on it uses electricity. It is true that turning on an appliance causes a surge but it is so small it is hard to measure on most household appliances. Although items like refrigerators can use up to 6 or 7 times the electricity during the startup surge but most appliances you turn on like your computer only takes a second to get up to speed, so you have an extra second of energy used, big deal. The bottom line is turning it off when not in use does add up to a savings. Lets say you have a 60 watt bulb that's in a part of your home that's left on most of the time and you pay .14 cents per kilowatt hour (1000 watt hours). 60 watts per hour X 24 hours = 1440 watt hours X 365 days a year = 525,600 / 1000 for KWH X .14 cents = $73.58 per year or $6.00 a month. I'm sure someone interested in saving will make sure that light is turned off. See what I mean about just knowing where your money is going saves 5%?  The $6.00 is already 3% savings. That's just one bulb. What about that ceiling fan. Most are between 60 to 90 watts on high. Leaving it on does not cool a room. It only moves the air around making you feel cooler from the evaporation on your skin. If your not there it does no good. Look, you saved some more.
Being conscious of each item, and the usage helps you determine what steps you will take to conserve. Electricity costs are going up and the more we conserve, the less power is generated by power plants. We all save a little and it adds up to a lot, its that simple.
Is your electric bill to high? See simple ways to lower it.
Here is a chart of where your electricity comes from. You might think that turning on the light switch is clean and not polluting but the electricity is produced somewhere else and it produces pollutants for the environment.
Source: Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-906, Power Plant Report and EIA 920,“Combined Heat and Power Plant Report.”

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